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Please note the following- 
1.  The current 2020-21 season ends on May 31st 2021.
2.  The RFU will be issuing further guidance on the 9th April for Summer 2021 activities, June through to August.
3.  Progression to the next set of Age Grade rules, along with any dispensations for 17 year olds to play adult rugby, are suspended until 1st January 2022.
4. All age group players move up to their new age group in September 2021. It is the rules that they play to which are delayed to 1st January 2022.  Click on the following link for Age Grade rule progression changes...
5. Once they reach their birthday, 18 year olds can play adult rugby - no process/approval required, just be mindful that they will not have had much game time as U18s and will need to be immersed into Adult rugby safely and sensibly.
6. Clarity is being sought from the RFU about current season U16 and U18 players for the start of the 2021-22 season.
7. The complete Hampshire 2021-22 Age Grade calendar will be published soon and can be found here
We will send further communication out as and when we have it.