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Coronavirus (Covid-19) update
We have provided an update on the organisation structure of the Rugby Development team and guidance in respect of running half term rugby activities during the pandemic.

Please visit our dedicated web portal on the England Rugby website to access coronavirus information and resources.

Past editions of these weekly updates can be found on this part of the website. Click here to find a previous edition.
RFU Headlines
Supporting the rugby community
We are pleased to provide an update regarding the Rugby Development team. As a result of financial impact of Covid-19 we've had to reshape this team to ensure we use the resource we have available as effective and efficiently as possible. Click the link below view the team’s organisation chart. We will provide more detailed information on what this means for community rugby next week.
Organisation Chart
Running half term rugby camps and activities
Clubs wishing to run half term camps (or similar events) may do so, providing all appropriate guidance, safeguarding and approval requirements of Regulation 15 are followed. The Age Grade Codes of Practice (section 6) provides information on standard good practice for running camps. Due to Covid-19, additional social distancing and hygiene measures must be in place and all activities must remain within the Stage D guidelines of the Return to Community Rugby Roadmap.

Please note, the specific Stage D guidance overrides that of the ‘usual operating practice’ in the Codes of Practice & Regulation 15, e.g. maximum playing/training time is limited to 75 minutes, as per Stage D guidelines.

Organisers of half term camps (or similar events) should complete a specific risk assessment to consider any potential risk mitigations and additional requirements for the event to run safely.

The following should be included in the event/camp planning:

• Permitted contact activity (as per Stage D guidelines) should be limited to a maximum of 15 minutes per day.
• All group* rugby activity (including 15 minutes permitted contact) should be limited to a maximum of 75 minutes per day. *Group activity includes groups of two or more players.
• Individual skills and non-rugby/multi-sport activity is permitted (in addition to rugby activity) providing it meets with government/sport specific guidance and is risk assessed.
• Social distancing between sessions, measures should be taken to minimise players congregating/standing together.
• Regular equipment cleaning and personal hygiene breaks.
• Use of the facilities, changing rooms, food arrangements etc.
• Safe travel guidance (e.g. no car sharing).
• Approval from the relevant body as per Regulation 15.9.
Codes Of Practice
Regulation 15
Other important updates
Test and trace and handling of Covid-19 positive tests
Clubs are reminded of the need to have a Test & Trace system in place. You can find out more about NHS Test & Trace below, or read about Howdens Test and Trace here.

In the event of positive tests occuring within a club, including retrospective cases, each case should be registered via the Positive Test Notification Form, which can be accessed on the link below. This information is requested to allow us to monitor the number of confirmed positive Covid-19 tests occurring in clubs and ensure clubs have the appropriate support.
NHS Test & Trace
Notification Form
All Schools Update
Last year we hit our target of 750 All Schools, along with 300 linked clubs supporting them. We are delighted to be able to continue to provide support to these clubs and schools during the current challenging climate to enable them to develop the pipeline of players into clubs, as well as ensuring the sustainability of rugby within these All Schools. We have also delivered a number of webinars for clubs and schools to detail this support.

Should CBs require further information about which clubs are linked to the All Schools and/or update on their attendance, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Local lockdown guidelines
Clubs are reminded that the powers around local restrictions lie with their local authorities.

We are advised that unless local restrictions specifically mention restrictions on team sports and/or rugby, clubs should follow the NGB guidelines. In all cases, clubs must conduct a risk assessment and ensure compliance with Covid-19 secure guidance.

This currently includes the following areas, however, clubs in each of the areas below need to be aware of the impact of any local restrictions applicable to their individual area. More information regarding the impact on each area is available in a detailed schedule via the link below.

Greater Manchester
Lancashire, Blackpool and Blackburn with Darwen
Merseyside, Halton and Warrington
North East of England
West Midlands
West Yorkshire

Clubs may need to limit their activities in line with any local restrictions and all are advised to consult with the local authority in which their facilities are located should they be in any doubt. Information regarding any new local lockdown restrictions will be posted on the government's website below.

We will provide an update to the game if there is any change in guidance to playing rugby union. You can read more information on the Government local lockdown updates.
Rule of Six
Local Restrictions
Community rugby - current status
With the exception of clubs impacted by local lockdown restrictions, we continue at Stage D on the Return to Community Rugby Roadmap, which you can see below. RFU guidance as well as Government Coronavirus (Covid-19) Guidelines must be followed.

We have today announced that the Allianz Premier 15s season is starting under the Government’s Elite Sport Return to Play Guidance. Law variations have been approved, however, it is important to note that these law adaptations are applicable to the women’s elite game only.

We continue to work with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport regarding a return to full contact community rugby.
Allianz Premier 15s
Webinars and podcasts
Understanding Corporation Tax for Rugby Clubs
This webinar, at 7pm on Thursday 15 October, will explore how corporation tax applies to rugby clubs. Including what income is taxable, what reliefs are available and how clubs can comply.
Other news
World Mental Health Day – Saturday 10 October
The World Health Organisation recognises World Mental Health Day on Saturday 10 October every year.

It is estimated that one in four people suffer from mental health issues each year. However, this year the numbers are believed to have increased substantially due to Covid-19.

The links between good physical health and mental health are well recognised. Physical activity such as playing rugby following Stage D on the Return to Community Rugby Roadmap can be very beneficial for mental health and wellbeing, as well as bringing physical benefits.

When someone is experiencing a mental health problem, supportive and reliable information can change his or her life. Mind, one of the leading mental health charities in England and Wales, provides information and guidance for anyone involved in rugby who may be dealing with mental health problems and those supporting them.

Guidance for clubs and the rugby community on how they can support anyone suffering from mental health issues, and/or information for those who may be suffering themselves, is available on the Simplyhealth Rugby Safe webpages below or on the World Metal Health Day campaign page, which you can also find below.
SimplyHealth Page
World Mental Health Day
Rugby community doing great things
Today we’ve highlighted the fundraising efforts that are taking place at Chipping Sodbury RFC to support a former player who was injured in an accident, as well as the activities that took place last weekend to support the virtual London Marathon and the Injured Players Foundation.

In addition to clubs helping their communities, we are now highlighting on englandrugby.com clubs’ self-help initiatives, as well as activities to improve diversity and inclusion at clubs.

Mitsubishi Motors in the UK are proud supporters of the rugby volunteers across England who make up an integral part of the game. Help us recognise your work by sharing your club and individual stories and videos with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Click below to find out more about the Mitsubishi Motors Volunteer Recognition Programme.
Chipping Sodbury RFC
Recognition Programme

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